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Daniel Radcliffe is in final negotiations to star in ‘Frankenstein,’ 20th Century Fox’s revisionist take on Mary Shelley’s classic horror story. More »

Natalie Portman, Kristen Stewart, and Shia LaBeouf are rated the top three box office performers, meaning, they wheel in the most profit for the salaries they are paid. More »

Harry Potter has gone curly… curly hair for Kill Your Darlings. More »

From Girlybubble: Daniel Radcliffe just bares it all these days! In a recent interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Dan was all out in answering even the most bizarre and awkward question. More »

From Girlybubble: Quiz time! Which Harry Potter star has a crush on Ryan Gosling? More »

From Girlybubble: Last week when Daniel Radcliffe’s horror movie ‘Woman in Black‘ came out, it scared the crap out of everyone. This time through Emma Watson is wanted for the lead role for an upcoming horror movie Kristy. More »

From Girlybubble: Although the “Harry Potter” series has ended, there is no stopping Daniel Radcliffe as he covers Esquire UK magazine’s March 2012 issue. More »

Rupert Grint will be taking on his first project since wrapping up his role for Harry Potter. He will be playing Gunner Robert Smith in the upcoming movie, Into the White, and a first clip from the movie has been revealed. More »

From Girlybubble: The youtube sensation Lana Del Rey had the chance to perform on the ever poplar show Saturday Night Live, however her performance didn’t satisfy many. More »

Along with Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan, and Jack Huston, Elizabeth Olsen will be starring in an upcoming Killer Films and Benaroya Pictures thriller, “Kill Your Darlings.” More »

From Girlybubble: Daniel Radcliffe has become quite good friends with his fellow ‘How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying‘ stars and “successors” Darren Criss and Nick Jonas. See what I did there? More »

While Harry Potter had been busy kissing Ginny and Cho, and being loved by all his witch fans, the actor Daniel Radcliffe is nowhere close to being a pro at the love game, as he told Parade Magazine. More »

From Girlybubble: Daniel Radcliffe recently won 2011 Star of the Year for his performance as J. Pierrepont Finch in How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. The award was decided by fans, and the Harry Potter star has definitely deserved it! More »

The film follows the story of a young lawyer, Arthur Kipps, who is told to venture to a remote village in order to sort out a deceased client’s documents. While working by himself in the client’s lonely house, Kipps starts to discover some disturbing secrets and his horror only grows when he catches glimpses of a woman dressed entirely in black. Since he gets nothing out of the locals, he is forced to find out who the woman is on his own. This leads to an agonizing race against time when he finally discovers what her true intent is. More »

Last night, Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe filmed a special Potter tribute for Spike TV’s upcoming 2011 Scream Awards at New York’s Lincoln Center. More »

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While Harry Potter was being filmed, Daniel Radcliffe admitted he relied on a certain item, that item was alcohol. More »

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Seems like Daniel Radcliffe has only just managed to escape the clutches of fellow actor-friend Tom Felton after it was revealed Felton had a mean prank in store for him. The prank was to have cast members “kidnap” Radcliffe from the set of “Harry Potter” during filming, duct tape his mouth up and shove in the boot. More »

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Oh no…I was so disappointed when I saw this picture. More »

From Girlybubble: The star of Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, recently revealed the reason behind Warner Bros.’ choice to make the last installment of the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, into two parts. The reason? “It was impossible to eliminate any part of it.” More »

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Thanks to the Boy-Who-Lived, Daniel Radcliffe is currently enjoying his reign as the richest actor under 30. The boy wizard made £28.5 million in 2009-2010 alone, making his net worth about £48 million. More »

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